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latin quarter (former)

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This is the former Times Square location of the Latin Quarter. The nightclub dates back to 1942, but the few short years from '85 to '89 was when it earned its status as a legendary hip hop hotspot.

EPMD, the Jungle Brothers, Queen Latifah, X Clan and many others all got their start playing shows at the LQ during hip hop's golden age. MC Hammer was booed here during his first New York appearance, but then again even Public Enemy was told to get off the stage by Melle Mel when they played the LQ to promote Yo! Bum Rush the Show.

The Latin Quarter is mentioned in songs by PE, Ice T, BDP and 3rd Bass among others. The building was torn down in 1989. The club reopened in 2003 on the East Side, and that location is notorious for being the place where Plaxico Burress accidentally shot himself in the leg.

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