kurt cobain sees the melvins

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kurt cobain sees the melvins
211 e. pioneer ave.
montesano, washington 98563

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According to the journal of Kurt Cobain, he was hanging out near the Montesano Thriftway grocery store in the summer of 1983 when a "short-haired employee box boy" handed him a flyer. The flyer was for a free rock show behind the grocery store the next night, and the box boy was King Buzzo of The Melvins.

Cobain was first exposed to punk rock by The Melvins, and it was the beginning of a long relationship between the groups. It was through them that he would meet bass player Krist Novoselic. Cobain roadied for The Melvins in the late 80's, and Melvin's drummer Dale Crover played on early Nirvana demos (before Dave Grohl).

King Buzzo, Rik Goldman at flickr.com