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gee, the kids need clothes store

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Adam Horovitz (Ad-Rock)'s mother, Doris Keefe Horovitz, owned and operated the Gee, The Kids Need Clothes Store at this location in the West Village. Unique in that there were not many stores that sold children's clothes, let alone affordable and second-hand clothes, Doris was well-loved in the neighborhood. Parents and kids could walk out of the store with armloads of clothes for practically nothing, and runaways were helped with no questions asked.

As a neighborhood writer recalls, "...the interior was painted a bright yellow, and there was probably a mural or at least stencils of some sort decorating the walls. It had that happy sunny kid-friendly feel, and how I loved going in to try on clothes."

Doris attended all of Adam's shows, and the album Licensed to Ill is dedicated to her memory.

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rogue music

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Rogue Music is a vintage instrument dealer that has been operating in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan since 1983.

The Beastie Boys had gotten a chunk of settlement money after British Airways had used their song "Beastie Revolution" from the Cooky Puss single in an ad without clearing it. With some of the money, Ad-Rock of the Beastie Boys bought a Roland TR-808 drum machine at Rogue Music in the early 80's.

Ad-Rock then used that drum machine to create the beats for LL Cool J's first single, "I Need a Beat."

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The City-As-School is a public high school in the West Village of Manhattan that focuses on experiential learning through internship.

Adam Horovitz (King Ad-Rock of the Beastie Boys) attended the City-As-School. Horovitz, the son of playwright Israel Horovitz, joined the Beastie Boys in 1982 (at the age of 16) after their previous guitarist stepped own. Horovitz's own band, the Young and the Useless, were already opening for the Beastie Boys and covering some of their songs.

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