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katz’s delicatessen

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Katz's Delicatessen was the filming location for the legendary orgasm-faking scene with Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal from When Harry Met Sally.

Although Billy Crystal came up with the classic punchline ("I'll have what she's having"), the scene came out of conversations between director Rob Reiner and writer Nora Ephron. Rob Reiner did not initially believe Ephron's assertion on the manner, but after grilling female members of the staff in the production office, he was convinced.

Katz's Delicatessen now has a sign that hangs over the table that was featured in When Harry Met Sally. Katz's was also the site of Johnny Depp's character meeting with an FBI contact in the film Donnie Brasco, and was also featured in the films Across the Universe, Mary and Max, Enchanted, We Own the Night, and the TV show Law and Order.

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