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joyce’s house

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Did you know this Kindergarten Cop location was used as Joyce Palmieri's a.k.a. Rachel Crisp's (played by Penelope Anne Miller) house?

Now you do. You're welcome.

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astoria elementary school

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"We got to make another Arnold Schwarzenburger film. Those things make piles of cash," said Studio Exec. A.

"I don't think we should make another sequel," said Studio Exec. B, who was later fired for having a shred of a soul.

"We've done almost everything. Let's try something wacky, just to see if it works. What if...what if he's a kindergarten teacher or something?" said Studio Exec. A, who was later asphyxiated by spray-tan.

"A kindergarten teacher who ends up killing the bad guy, right?"

"Of course."

Parts of the zany 1990 movie Kindergarten Cop were filmed at this location. The movie made over $91 million in domestic box office receipts alone.

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