karl ove knausgaard’s flat [summer 2003 - fall 2006]

from my struggle book 2 posted in literature


karl ove knausgaard's flat [summer 2003 - fall 2006]
regeringsgatan 81
stockholm, sweden 11139

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It was the most bourgeois apartment I had ever seen. An enormous Russian-style stove from the previous century at one end of the room, with a massive marble front; another one, just as tall, slightly less massive, in the bedroom. White, beautifully carved panels on all the walls, stuccowork on the ceilings, which were more than four meters tall. Fantastic herringbone parquet floors from the end of the nineteenth century. Her mother's furniture was in the same style: heavy, artistic, late nineteenth century.
"Can we live here?" I said as we walked around looking.

- My Struggle Book 2,
Karl Ove Knausgaard