people’s temple (original)

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people's temple (original)
975 n. delaware
indianapolis, indiana 46202

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After growing his congregation in a basement, Jim Jones moved the flock to this location of their first church. Renamed the "People's Temple," Jones organized soup kitchens and unemployment assistance for hundreds of people. He and his wife adopted eight children of several different ethnicities.

However, Jones's outspoken integration of African Americans into the conservative community caused a backlash in early 60's Indianapolis. His wife was spat on as she walked with their black child down the street.

Jones's sermons grew more fervid. He began faith-healing by removing tumors from people's bodies. These "tumors" were actually chicken livers removed by a sleight-of-hand trick, but the People's Temple believers were hooked.

When Jones thought the church should move to California to avoid a nuclear holocaust, 135 members loaded into buses and followed suit. The People's Temple had moved west...

Rev. Jim Jones and friends in 1952. Image from Indianapolis Star.