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frank murphy’s store (former)

from gordon parks posted in art and design by donkeyoti

The American photographer, musician, writer and film director, Gordon Parks, got his photographic career started when he walked into Frank Murphy's department store and asked if they needed a photographer.

Although Frank Murphy turned him down, Mrs. Murphy overheard the conversation and decided to give Gordon Parks a chance. After a stilted start (he accidentally shot all the photos with double exposure), his photographs were a success and featured throughout the store.

His career began shortly after, and Parks later became a photographer for the Farm Security Administration, the Civilian Conservation Corps, Life magazine and several other publications. In 1971, he directed the film Shaft.

Today, the location is a restaurant called Pazzaluna.

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gammage memorial auditorium

from frank lloyd wright posted in art and design by corporate_sunshine

The Grady Gammage Memorial Auditorium on the Arizona State University campus is considered to be the last public commission from architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The building was finished in 1964, and it was entered to the National Register of Historic Places in 1985.

From the back of this post card:

This last large design of Frank Lloyd Wright produced a fine arts center which commands notice from the world. Completely circular in design, with two-level pedestrian bridges extending two hundred feet from either side, this magnificent view illustrates the success of the designer's hope that the structure would seem to say "Welcome to Arizona".

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elephant and bird mural

from murals, ohenry posted in art and design by prof_improbable

Near the industrial section of North Minneapolis, between the river and the freeway, there is this mural of an elephant and a bird by OHenry. That's all I know about it, but its pretty sweet.

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from banksy posted in art and design by nevereatshreddedwheat

Banksy's final piece for his New York show BETTER OUT THAN IN was 'an inflatable throw-up' of his name on a building off the Long Island Expressway in Queens.

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bronx zoo at yankee stadium

from banksy posted in art and design by nevereatshreddedwheat

The is the location of the second to last day of Banksy's BETTER OUT THAN IN. His graffitied leopard (or possibly a cheetah) was located on a wall near Yankee Stadium in the South Bronx.

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