westbeth artists community

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westbeth artists community
55 bethune street
new york, new york 10014

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Formerly the headquarters for the Bell Telephone Laboratories, the 13 buildings at this address were transformed into the Westbeth Artists Community in 1968-1970. Westbeth is one of the first examples of adaptive reuse of an industrial space to residential and artistic use in the United States. Although applications are no longer being accepted, residents had to meet low- to middle-income requirements, be a practicing artist, and meet the approval of a board.

Diane Arbus lived here, and she taught a photography course here in 1971. On July 26, 1971, while living at Westbeth, Arbus took her own life by ingesting barbiturates and slashing her wrists with a razor. Her body was found two days later by artist Martin Israel; Arbus was 48 years old.

Side note: Vin Diesel also used to live here.

Untitled (6), 1970-71, Diane Arbus