mcnamara alumni center

from antoine predock, kke architects posted in art and design


mcnamara alumni center
200 oak st se
minneapolis, minnesota 55455

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Located on the same campus as the Weisman Art Museum, the McNamara Alumni Center is another example of eye-catching modern architecture. Designed by the New Mexico-based architect Antoine Predock (and named after an alumnus who donated $3 million towards its construction), the rounded, angular McNamara is intended to resemble a giant, granite-sheathed geode. Irregular windows and large slits of glass penetrate the exterior of the Great Lump of Oak St.

Inside McNamara is Memorial Hall, an 85-foot high behemoth of a room, with a processional arch from the previous property's tenant (Memorial Stadium, 1924) displayed inside.

Photo: Jackknife Barlow