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Here is a list to help you view some of my favorite murals in Minneapolis.

cheetahs eating zebra mural

from broken crow posted in art and design by prof_improbable

Behind the Peace Coffee Shop and Trylon Microcinema is a mural by Broken Crow that depicts some cheetahs feasting on a zebra. Yum...

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pbr mural

from broken crow, pbr posted in art and design by prof_improbable

Painted on the side of the 1029 Bar at this address is a mural done by the Broken Crow design collective.

The mural depicts a duo of squirrels paddling in a Pabst Blue Ribbon can canoe. Either this is a celebration of the wildlife and leisure activities of the area (drinking and canoeing- typically best not mixed), or it is an environmentally conscious commentary. Either way, it's pretty cool.

Here's how they did it.

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bob dylan mural

from bob dylan posted in music by pete_nice

Located on the exterior wall of the Autographics business at this intersection is a Bob Dylan mural.

Designed by Sergey Trubetskoy (a University of Minnesota graphic design major) and financed by Autographics, this mural was completed in 2006. It was the first of a series of murals in the Dinkytown and Marcy-Holmes neighborhoods that celebrate the 60's and 70's culture in the area.

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elephant and bird mural

from murals, ohenry posted in art and design by prof_improbable

Near the industrial section of North Minneapolis, between the river and the freeway, there is this mural of an elephant and a bird by OHenry. That's all I know about it, but its pretty sweet.

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