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Here is a collection of locations associated with the American screenwriter/director Quentin Tarantino.

video archives

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Starting in the early 80's, Video Archives was a video rental store staffed by film fanatics that carried a diverse selection of films: Hollywood blockbusters, documentaries, foreign films (organized by country, unheard of at that time), cult films and porn.

Quentin Tarantino worked at this video store while he wrote Reservoir Dogs. Co-writer of Pulp Fiction and director of Killing Zoe, Roger Avary, also worked at the store.

The long, film-obsessed conversations of the Video Archives employees were reworked and expanded into dialogue of Tarantino's films.

In the early 90's, Video Archives moved two doors down to 1808 Sepulveda. By early 1994, Video Archives had shut down for good.

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barney’s beanery

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Barney's Beanery first opened its doors in 1920. One of the final stops on the famous Route 66 (you used to be able to trade your license plates for a pint of beer here), Barney's atmosphere and fair prices have attracted a number of interesting clientele through the years.

The Doors Workshop was just down the street, so Jim Morrison and the Doors used to eat and imbibe here in the late 60's and early 70's. On October 3, 1970, Janis Joplin had her last night of drinking here before she died of a heroin overdose the next day.

Quentin Tarantino wrote the majority of Pulp Fiction at Barney's. As he recalled:
"There's one booth there too that I love. It's a little one, and there's a post there that kind of cuts you off. It helps you concentrate a little bit too."

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safari inn

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This Burbank motel shows up in quite a few pieces of pop culture.

In True Romance, Clarence and Alabama are hiding out at this motel when they have a violent encounter with Virgil (James Gandolfini).

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vista theatre

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This classic Hollywood theater was featured in True Romance (screenplay written by Quentin Tarantino).

Clarence (Christian Slater) is watching a Sonny Cheba triple feature when Alabama (Patricia Arquette) makes his acquaintance.

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river glen motel (former)

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Although it has since been torn down, this address was the filming location for Pulp Fiction. Butch and Fabienne hid out at this motel after he took a dive in the boxing ring.

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