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A list of locations associated with the NYC garage-rock revival band, The Strokes.

institut le rosey

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dwight school

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the music building

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The Music Building (also called the Manhattan Music Building) is a music rehearsal space that has been open 24/7 since 1979. With 69 studios over 12 floors, the building has had numerous musicians honing their craft within its walls over the years.

In 1999, The Strokes would spend countless all-nighters at their rented space rehearsing their material before releasing their first album, Is This It, in 2001.

Other music icons that have used the rehearsal space include Joey Ramone, Madonna, Billy Idol, Television and The New York Dolls.

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the spiral (former)

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A bar/music venue in the 90s and early 00s, The Spiral had the following write-up in the NY Times:

The Spiral's circular theme (curlicue above the door, concrete guitar sculpture just inside with an indented spiral at the center) is actually secondary to its industrial theme. The walls are painted a heavy stone-gray; the tables and chairs are shiny black, and the only light comes from behind metal sconces arranged in a neat line on the wall opposite the bar.

The Strokes played one of their (if not their first) bar gig at Spiral on Sept. 14, 1999. Bassist Nikolai Fraiture recalls:

"It was one of our first shows. There were about five people there. I don't even know if they had much of a PA, it was a crap place." (nme.com)

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