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Here's a list for your next assassination vacation, you sick weirdos.

audobon ballroom

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After Malcolm X left the Nation of Islam in 1964, he formed the Organization of Afro-American Unity (OAAU). The group held weekly meetings at the Audubon Ballroom until February 21, 1965, when Malcolm X was assassinated at this location by Nation of Islam member Talmadge Hayer (as well as two other accused shooters).

Since then, the ballroom and property was purchased by Columbia University and converted into a public/private biotech research park. Through a series of protests, the original façade was maintained and converted to the Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial and Educational Center.

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the dakota

from john lennon posted in music by crabapple

The Dakota is a co-op apartment building located at the northwest corner of 72nd Street and Central Park West in New York City.

Allegedly, the reason it was called the Dakota is because when it was constructed in 1880, the Upper West Side was considered as open and remote as Dakota territory.

John Lennon moved here in 1973, and was murdered outside the building by Mark David Chapman on December 8, 1980.

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ambassador hotel (former)

from rfk assassination posted in history by prof_improbable

Shortly after midnight on June 5, 1968, Robert F. Kennedy was walking through the kitchen of the Ambassador Hotel when he was assassinated by Sirhan Sirhan. RFK had just won the California and South Dakota primary elections for the Democratic nomination.

Robert F. Kennedy remains one of only two sitting United States Senators to be assassinated (the other being Huey Long).

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louisiana state capital

from huey long posted in history by crabapple

On September 8, 1935, Huey Long was a sitting U.S. Senator and oppositional presidential candidate to F.D.R. A populist politician, Long had been an enormously influential figure in Louisiana politics: suing Standard Oil for unfair business practices and starting numerous social programs, as well as being militantly defensive of his political aspirations.

On that day in September, Long was at the Louisiana State Capital building when Carl Weiss, a disgruntled relative of a judge that Long was trying to oust, shot the senator in the abdomen. "The Kingfish" (as Long was known) died two days later.

Long's life has been the inspiration for many works, including the novel All the King's Men (1946) and the subsequent movie (1949 and 2006), as well as the Sinclair Lewis play It Can't Happen Here (1936).

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ford’s theatre

from abraham lincoln posted in history by speedy_dee

The Ford's Theatre is where Abraham Lincoln was assassinated on April 14, 1865. The murder has yet to be solved...

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