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les invalides

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Les Invalides, or more officially known as L'Hôtel national des Invalides (French for "The National Residence of the Invalids"), is a series of museums and crypts dedicated to French military history.

Under the central dome of the structure is the tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte (1769–1821), whose remains were repatriated here in 1840, and then placed in their present tomb (made of red quartzite and resting on a green granite base) in 1861.

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sigmund freud’s birthplace

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The father of modern psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud (née Sigismund Schlomo Freud) was born in this house on May 6, 1856.

At that time, the young family was struggling financially and were living in a rented room in a locksmith's house. Today, the location is the Sigmund Freud Museum and is open for tours.

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beethoven house

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Composer and pianist Ludwig van Beethoven was born in this house on December 16, 1770.

Today, it's the home to the Beethoven House museum.

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joan of arc’s birthplace

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Jeanne d'Arc, a.k.a. Joan of Arc, was born in Domrémy at this location to Jacques d'Arc and Isabelle Romée in 1412.

She began receiving visions to expel the English in the gardens near this location in 1424, when she was twelve years old.

Today, the birthplace is a museum. From the Lorraine Region tourism website:

"The house where Joan of Arc was born was purchased in 1818 by the Vosges Département, and listed as an Historical Monument in 1840. It has been preserved and restored. Its façade is decorated with a tympanum sculpted with coats of arms from the 15th century, and a statue of Joan in armour, kneeling. Inside, you can visit four rooms: the room where she was born, Joan's bedroom, the storeroom and the brothers' room."

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billy the kid’s grave

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Legendary outlaw William "Billy the Kid" Bonney (birth name: Henry McCarty) was buried in the Old Fort Sumner cemetery after he was shot by Sheriff Pat Garrett in 1881.

The tombstone is surrounded in a cage since it's been stolen three times. The placement is a guess, since the original wooden marker washed away in a flood.

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