city: new york

historic tunt manor

from archer posted in television by crabapple

Cheryl (or Carol, or Cherlene) Tunt lives in this Gilded Age mansion in the animated FX series, Archer.

The ISIS gang (the other one) relocates to Tunt Manor after they lose their headquarters in Season 5.

Cheryl keeps an ocelot locked up in an empty room with no toys...

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american literary historical center (former)

from three days of the condor posted in movies by pete_nice

The American Literary Historical Center serves as a CIA front at this location in the 1975 film, Three Days of the Condor. Joseph Turner (Robert Redford) is the "reader" turned unlikely hero when he comes back from lunch to find all his co-workers murdered.

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“i’m waiting for the man” intersection

from the velvet underground posted in music by ratsnamgod

"I'm waiting for my man /
Twenty-six dollars in my hand /
Up to Lexington, 125 /
Feel sick and dirty, more dead than alive /
I'm waiting for my man"

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cafe wha?

from bob dylan, jimi hendrix, david lee roth posted in music by tacopolis

In 1959, Manny Roth laid down some marble floor and spray-painted the walls black in this basement venue that had been a horse stable. The idea was to have a place for the beatnik crowd to enjoy.

Roth held "hootenanny" nights where anyone could perform a song. It was on Jan. 24, 1961 that a 19-year-old Bob Dylan played his first NYC set, consisting of several Woody Guthrie tunes. At the end of the set, Roth asked the crowd if anybody had a couch Dylan could sleep on (he had just hitch-hiked from Minnesota).

Jimi Hendrix used to play at Cafe Wha? in the mid-60s when he called himself Jimmy James and fronted The Blue Flames.

Manuel "Manny" Lee Roth is the uncle of Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth. Manny Roth passed away on July 25, 2014 at the age of 94.

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gerde’s folk city (former)

from bob dylan, joan baez posted in music by tacopolis

Gerde's Folk City (or Gerdes) was one of the pivotal music venues for the folk music revival of the early 60s, and continued to feature many breaking musicians and bands until the lease was not renewed in 1987.

Originally located at this address, the venue moved to 130 West 3rd Street in 1970.

It was at this location, that Bob Dylan played his first professional gig supporting John Lee Hooker on April 11, 1961.

Dylan's performance at Gerde's on September 29, 1961 was reviewed in the New York Times by Robert Shelton, after which Dylan's career catapulted.

Gerde's is also the place where Dylan first met Joan Baez, and where he first played "Blowin' in the Wind" in a public performance.

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