city: long beach

auto circus impound lot

from the big lebowski (1998) posted in movies by pete_nice

The Dude finds his stolen car at the Auto Circus Impound Lot.

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ferris bueller’s house

from ferris bueller’s day off posted in movies by chewing_the_scenery

The exterior of Ferris Bueller's house in the John Hughes classic Ferris Bueller's Day Off. It's located in Long Beach, California not Chicago where the movie takes place.

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jim cunningham’s house

from donnie darko posted in movies by chewing_the_scenery

The exteriors for motivational speaker / pedophile Jim Cunningham's house in Donnie Darko were shot in Long Beach. It didn't really burn down. That was just the magic of cinema.

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commodore schuyler f. helms draw bridge

from inception posted in movies by chewing_the_scenery

Yusuf drives the van off the Commodore Schuyler F. Helms Draw Bridge in Los Angeles to give the dreamers the kick to wake them up in Christopher Nolan's Inception.

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spruce goose dome

from batman forever, virtuosity posted in movies by nevereatshreddedwheat

The Spruce Goose Dome in Long Beach, CA was designed by Don Richter, a longtime associate of Buckminster Fuller, as a hangar for Howard Hughes' wooden aircraft the H-4 Hercules (a.k.a the "Spruce Goose"). Built in 1983, the dome is still one of the ten largest geodesic domes in the world.

The Spruce Goose was moved to a museum in Oregon in 1992. Warner Bros. now uses the dome as a sound stage. The Bat Cave in 1995's Batman Forever was built inside the dome. Other unforgettable classics filmed here include Virtuosity, Jack Frost and the remake of the Haunting.

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