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genova’s chestnut inn

from the louvin brothers, ira louvin posted in music by pete_nice

After the legendary gospel/country act The Louvin Brothers split up in 1963, Ira Louvin headed back to his native Arkansas to work on his solo album.

Two years later, he was playing a series of shows at Genova's Chestnut Inn in Kansas City, MO with his fourth wife and recording partner, Anne Young. Ira had called his mother right around that time to say that the road was bringing out his old drinking demons, and that he was ready to stop touring.

On the way back to Arkansas on June 20, 1965, Ira and his wife (as well as 3 others) were killed near Williamsburg, Missouri on Highway 70 when a drunk driver veered into their lane and hit their vehicle head-on.

Genova's Chestnut Inn appears to still be functioning, although at least partly as the Shady Lady Lounge, an adult entertainment venue.

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where owen hart died

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Owen Hart fell to his death at the Kemper Arena in Kansas City on May 23, 1999 during WWF's Over the Edge pay-per-view.

Hart had recently reprised the masked Blue Blazer gimmick that he used when he first debuted in the WWF over ten years before. A stunt was planned where he would descend from the ceiling in a harness and grapple line before his match, but he ended up accidentally falling over fifty feet into the ring.

Luckily the arena house lights were down at the time while a backstage promo aired and no footage exists of the fall.

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