city: dartmouth


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In Countdown to Liquor Day, this is the SPCA in Dartmouth where Bubbles's 27 cats end up while he's in prison and where Julian, Ricky, Bubbles and Tyrone later attempt to break in and get the cats out.

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sun sun cafe

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As part of The Big Dirty, a plan that involves stealing lot and lots of change, Ricky, Julian and Bubbles (along with Cory and Trevor) attempt to rob the parking meters in front of the Sun Sun Cafe, a Chinese restaurant near Dartmouth Cove. Ricky ends up backing over the meters when the tools they brought aren't adequate for the job.

Trailer Park Boys: The Movie was released in 2006 between seasons 6 and 7 of the tv show.

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penhorn mall

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This is the former location of Penhorn Mall in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. The mall was in decline for a number of years before the Walmart anchor store left in 2007 and the building was demolished some time after the mall closed in 2008.

In season two of Trailer Park Boys, Ricky had a job here briefly as mall security in charge of carts and this is where Bubbles stole those same carts by tossing them down the embankment.

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sunnyvale trailer park in season two

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In season two of Trailer Park Boys, the trailer park used for Sunnyvale was a small park near the Tufts Cove Generating Station in Dartmouth with the power station's three red and white striped smokestacks popping up in the background of several shots.

This park is tiny. Don't be fooled by the overhead shots reused from season one when it was filmed in Lower Sackville. Not sure if it's a coincidence or if there is any significance to the street names in the area: Trinity Ave to the NW and Lahey Rd to the NE.

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