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locust hill

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Locust Hill is the birthplace of Meriwether Lewis. Only a few minutes from Charlottesville, the property of nearly 2000 acres was purchased by Lewis’ grandfather, Robert Lewis, in 1730. The plantation stayed in the Lewis family for five generations into the 21st century.

Meriwether Lewis was born here in 1774, and moved away to Georgia with his mother and stepfather just a few years later. Lewis returned here to live briefly as a young man and manage the estate for a few years prior to entering the army.

The house Meriwether Lewis was born in was built out of logs by his father William in 1766. That house burned down in 1837, and a new house was rebuilt incorporating some of the material of the original house.

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e.a. poe’s dorm room

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e.a. poe’s dorm room

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From February to December 1826, Edgar Allan Poe lived in this dorm room (#13) on the West Range of the University of Virginia. Poe was 17 years old, had a penchant for drinking, and had to drop out of school due to lack of funds.

In 1920, the room was restored to its 1826 look (complete with Poe's bed from his days of living with his adoptive family, the Allans). Today, the room is maintained by the Raven Society of the University of Virginia. The room's interior can be viewed from the exterior through a large glass window.

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the corner parking lot

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If you haven't seen The Parking Lot Movie, a documentary about a bunch of over-educated twenty-somethings who work at a parking booth in Charlottesville near the University of Virginia, check it out. You might enjoy it. If you have seen it, here's where The Corner Parking Lot is so you can go and park your car there.

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