city: chapel hill

gimghoul castle

from secret societies posted in history by pete_nice

Built in 1924 out of 1300 tons of rough stone, this castle is the home of the University of North Carolina secret society known as the Order of Gimghoul.

The Gimghoul Castle (also known as the Hippol Castle) has an origin tale stemming from an 18-year old student, Peter Dromgoole, supposedly killed in a duel over a fair maiden at the location. His blood is said to have stained a rock that guards the castle's entrance to this day. There are other versions of this story that are equally melodramatic.

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pepper’s pizza

from superchunk posted in music by nevereatshreddedwheat

Mac McCaughan got a job at Pepper's Pizza in Chapel Hill in 1987 when he returned to North Carolina from New York during the break between his sophomore and junior years at Columbia University. Laura Ballance worked there, and they began dating. She started playing bass in several of Mac's bands, one of which would go on to become Superchunk.

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