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the spiral (former)

from the strokes posted in music by donkeyoti

A bar/music venue in the 90s and early 00s, The Spiral had the following write-up in the NY Times:

The Spiral's circular theme (curlicue above the door, concrete guitar sculpture just inside with an indented spiral at the center) is actually secondary to its industrial theme. The walls are painted a heavy stone-gray; the tables and chairs are shiny black, and the only light comes from behind metal sconces arranged in a neat line on the wall opposite the bar.

The Strokes played one of their (if not their first) bar gig at Spiral on Sept. 14, 1999. Bassist Nikolai Fraiture recalls:

"It was one of our first shows. There were about five people there. I don't even know if they had much of a PA, it was a crap place." (nme.com)

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the music building

from the strokes, joey ramone posted in music by donkeyoti

The Music Building (also called the Manhattan Music Building) is a music rehearsal space that has been open 24/7 since 1979. With 69 studios over 12 floors, the building has had numerous musicians honing their craft within its walls over the years.

In 1999, The Strokes would spend countless all-nighters at their rented space rehearsing their material before releasing their first album, Is This It, in 2001.

Other music icons that have used the rehearsal space include Joey Ramone, Madonna, Billy Idol, Television and The New York Dolls.

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dwight school

from the strokes posted in music by donkeyoti

Founded in 1872, the Dwight School went through many iterations and locations before it landed on this Upper West Side location.

A prestigious college prep school, Dwight has seen many notable alumni, including writer Truman Capote and former NYC mayor Fiorello H. La Guardia.

In the music world, singer-songwriter Julian Casablancas, guitarist Nick Valensi, and drummer Fab Moretti of The Strokes met and started playing together while at the school.

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institut le rosey

from the strokes posted in music by donkeyoti

Established in 1880, this Swiss boarding school has some interesting associated superlatives.

1. The Institut Le Rosey is the only boarding school that changes campuses during different seasons. This is to utilize the school's own ski resort in the winter months (January to March).

2. The annual tution and boarding fees are CHF 125,000 (about $133,000), making Le Rosey the most expensive school in the world.

In the music world, Julian Casablancas was sent here at the age of 13 to improve his academic performance, where he met Albert Hammond, Jr. years before they would go on to form The Strokes.

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from led zeppelin posted in music by donkeyoti

Translated from Welsh, Bron-Yr-Aur is "Hill of Gold" or "Breast of Gold," and is the name of this cottage that was used by Robert Plant's family since the 1950s.

In 1970, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page spent time recuperating here after a grueling North American tour. Along with Plant's wife and daughter, Page's girlfriend Charlotte Martin, and Led Zeppelin roadies Clive Coulson and Sandy MacGregor were also present.

As Page recalls:

"Robert (Plant) and I went to Bron-Yr-Aur in 1970. We'd been working solidly right up to that point. Even recordings were done on the road. We had this time off and Robert suggested the cottage. I certainly hadn't been to that area of Wales. So we took our guitars down there and played a few bits and pieces. This wonderful countryside, panoramic views and having the guitars ... it was just an automatic thing to be playing. And we started writing."

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