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wind gap, missouri

from sharp objects posted in television by chewing_the_scenery

Barnesville, Georgia (gotta love those tax breaks) was dressed up as the fictional Missouri bootheel town of Wind Gap for HBO’s Sharp Objects based on Gillian Flynn’s debut novel.

The "Welcome to Wind Gap" mural on the corner of Market and Mill St. was reportedly loved enough by the town that they decided to keep it, but I can’t tell you for how long.

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taqueria tlaxcalli

from blue wave 2018 posted in history by prof_improbable

Favorite restaurant of Democratic up-and-comer Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (from the Crowley/Ocasio-Cortez debate).

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millard house

from frank lloyd wright, westworld posted in art and design by chewing_the_scenery

Frank Lloyd Wright designed and built the Millard house in 1923.

He built four Mayan Revival-style houses like this in the Los Angeles area in the early 1920s. The Ennis House, which has appeared in dozens of movies and tv shows, is probably the most familiar of this textile-block design.

You can see the Millard House in HBO’s Westworld as the house Arnold is constructing for his family, and it’s also where Ford builds (and Delores tests) Bernard.

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the hart house

from the hart foundation, bret hart posted in pro wrestling by nevereatshreddedwheat

During WWF’s attitude era Owen Hart wrestled Ken Shamrock in the infamous Hart Family Dungeon on the July 1998 pay-per-view Fully Loaded.

Watch Owen Hart vs. Ken Shamrock in the Dungeon

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academy of holy angels

from the replacements, paul westerberg posted in music by pete_nice

From Trouble Boys:

The Academy of the Holy Angels in Richfield, a first-tier suburb just south of South Minneapolis, had been all-girls school for most of its first century.

Founded in 1877 as an institution of learning for fledging nuns, it became a private day school in 1931. It began admitting boys in 1972. Paul Westerberg was a member of the second class that included males.

"I was a little hesitant to go 'cause it had been all-girls," he said. "But that also meant there was gonna be a lot of chicks there."

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