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harrison’s birthplace

from the beatles posted in music by elvis_crabs

George Harrison was born here on February 25, 1943. He lived in this small terraced house in a cul-de-sac with his parents and three siblings for 6 years.

Harrison would later say of the house: "Try and imagine the soul entering the womb of a woman living at 12 Arnold Grove... There were all the barrage balloons, and the Germans bombing Liverpool. All that was going on. I sat outside the house a couple of years ago, imagining 1943, nipping through the spiritual world, the astral level, getting back into a body in that house. That really is strange when you consider the whole planet, all the planets there may be on a spiritual level. How do I come into that family, in that house at that time, and who am I anyway?"

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kurt vonnegut memorial library

from kurt vonnegut posted in literature by donkeyoti

Located in the The Emelie Building in Indianapolis, the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library was created to honor his legacy. The KVML holds a collection of Vonnegut photos, writings, and possessions of the famous writer. The library serves as a cultural and educational resource facility, museum, art gallery, and reading room, as well as supporting language and visual arts education through programs and outreach activities with other groups.

Admission is free, donations are accepted, and the library is open 12-5 pm daily (except Wednesday).

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vonnegut’s boyhood home

from kurt vonnegut posted in literature by donkeyoti

Vonnegut lived here with his family for the first eight years of his life, from 1923 to 1930.

Remnants of the Vonneguts remain, including a leaded glass window in the front door that bears his parents' monogram, and the entire family left their handprints in cement outside the back door.

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vonnegut’s high school

from kurt vonnegut posted in literature by donkeyoti

Kurt Vonnegut graduated from this Shortridge High School in 1940. Opened in 1864, it is the oldest free high school in Indiana. Vonnegut wrote for the newspaper, the Echo, here and also served as its editor.

He spoke highly of the institution: "It's my dream of America with great public schools. I thought we should be the envy of the world with our public schools. And I went to such a public school. So I knew that such a school was possible. Shortridge High School in Indianapolis produced not only me, but the head writer on the I LOVE LUCY show (Madelyn Pugh). And, my God, we had a daily paper, we had a debating team, had a fencing team. We had a chorus, a jazz band, a serious orchestra. And all this with a Great Depression going on. And I wanted everybody to have such a school."

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manitoba royal theater

from keanu reeves posted in movies by elvis_crabs

The Reeve-ster (or K-Pax, or K-Wood) played Hamlet at this theater in 1995. It was something of a cultural event for Winnipeg, and the show sold-out every night. The city set up a Keanu hotline where they could call with sightings of the actor.

Most people thought he would be horrible, yet he received positive (if not glowing) praise for arguably one of the toughest acting roles.

Well done, K-Swiss.

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