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wreckage of u-2 spy plane

from the cold war posted in history by pete_nice

On May Day (May 1) in 1960, Francis Gary Powers was flying a mission in a Lockheed U-2 spy plane when a series of missiles brought down his plane near Svedlovsk. The plane crashed but was not destroyed, and and a sensationalized trial led to Powers being convicted and sentenced to 3 years of prison and 7 years hard labor (he was traded for a Soviet spy after 21 months).

Today, the wreckage of the U-2 can be viewed at the Central Armed Forces Museum (formerly known as The Museum of the Soviet Army).

We'd like it back now, please and thank you.

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“la dolce vita” beach from final scene

from la dolce vita, federico fellini, marcello mastroianni posted in movies by stokazz

This is the beach where in the final scene of "La Dolce Vita" Marcello Mastroianni sits. Fellini often chose this area, in particular Fregene, to shoot many of his movies.

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murder of pier paolo pasolini

from pier paolo pasolini posted in movies by stokazz

This is where the dead body of journalist, poet and director Pier Paolo Pasolini was found at 6.00am on Sunday November 2nd 1972.

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colosseum scene

from my own private idaho, river phoenix, keanu reeves, gus van sant posted in movies by stokazz

In the 1991 movie "My Own Private Idaho" Keanu Reeves and River Phoenix travel to Rome. In one scene they stand in this park by the Colosseum.

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twin peaks sheriff’s department

from twin peaks posted in television by chewing_the_scenery

The Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department is currently home to a rally driving school, and the lobby where scenes were filmed for Twin Peaks is now a mini museum to rally driving. The building was formerly the gatehouse of the Snoqualmie Falls Lumber Mill across the road which opened as the country's second all-electric lumber mill in 1917 and shut down in 1989.

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