oar folkjokeopus (former)

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oar folkjokeopus (former)
2557 lyndale ave s.
minneapolis, minnesota 55405

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Open from 1973 to 2001, Oar Folk (as it was informally called) was a popular record store hub for the music scene in the Twin Cities.

One of the only places to buy punk records in the late 70's and early 80's, Oar Folk provided a meeting place for many many members of the T.C. music scene like the Replacements, Hüsker Dü, the Suicide Commandos, and Soul Asylum.
Bob Mould would buy records here. Lori Barbero of Babes in Toyland said of the 8,000 records she owns, 7,000 were purchased at Oar Folk (source: Magnet magazine, June 12, 2005).

In 1984, a fire gutted most of Oar Folk. The owner opened again with the help of Mark Trehus (of Treehouse Records). The record store has since been renamed Treehouse Records and remains open at the same location.

Treehouse Records (formerly Oar Folkjokeopus), Minneapolis, MN
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