johnny cash’s hendersonville home (former)

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johnny cash's hendersonville home (former)
200 cuadill dr.
hendersonville, tennessee 37075

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For 35 years, Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash lived in a home on Old Hickory Lake at this address. The home was a mixture of wood, stone, and marble, and was built without a blueprint. The Cashes entertained everybody from Bob Dylan to Rev. Billy Graham to Al Gore in their home.

Contrary to the 2005 film Walk the Line, Johnny did not stumble onto the property while rambling hungover. He did, however, drive a tractor into the lake at one point.

Four years after Johnny Cash passed, former Bee Gees star Barry Gibb purchased the home for $2.6 million. His intent was to restore the property with everything intact, but some flammable wood preserver caught fire and the home was completely destroyed.

The forests around Hendersonville are apparently not kind to wood structures. Roy Orbison's original house, which was next door, also succumbed to fire in 1965. Luther Perkins (Johnny Cash's long-time guitarist) died in a house fire nearby in 1968.

Johnny Cash at Hendersonville home, 1969, LOOK magazine

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In his later years, Cash ended up living in the ranch house across the street that he had purchased for his mother, nicknamed "Mama Cash's house."

JC at the Hendersonville home, photo: AP