bataclan theatre

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Built in 1864 and opened in 1865, the Bataclan is a café-concert theatre built in the Chinoiserie (European version of Chinese) style. With historical appearances by notable figures as diverse as Buffalo Bill Cody and Edith Piaf, the Bataclan has been hosting rock acts since the 1970s.

The theatre was the scene of a coordinated terrorist attacks on Nov. 13, 2015, killing 89 people and injuring over 200. The members of the band that evening, Eagles of Death Metal, were interviewed after the attack for Vice.

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cincinnati zoo

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Passenger pigeons were at one time the most abundant birds in North America. Estimates of their population in the United States at the time of European arrival were between 3-5 billion. On September 1, 1914, the last passenger pigeon (named Martha) died at the Cincinnati Zoo.

According to a 2014 study by Taiwanese biologist Chih-Ming Hung, the primary reasons for their extinction were commercial exploitation of pigeon meat on a massive scale and loss of habitat.

The methods for hunting the bird read like an adaption of medieval torture methods: cut down trees with nests, set the tree on fire, poison the fire with sulfur to intoxicate them, etc.

The dead pigeons were then stacked onto rail cars, shipped across the country, and sold by the dozen. The meat was a cheap source of protein for the poor and slaves, and it was even used to fatten pigs.

Thanks for the meal, pigeons!

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wind cave national park

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The first cave to be classified as a national park, Wind Cave was established in 1903 by Teddy Roosevelt. The Lakota Sioux believed in their creation myth that the cave is where they emerged with the creation of the world.

In Salamandar Cave, another cave in the park, the oldest fossil of the now extinct Dire Wolf (Canis dirus) was found. The fossil dates to 252,000 years ago.

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jim jones in brazil

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In February of 1962, Jim Jones moved with his family to the city of Belo Horizonte in Brazil. Originally staying at the first-class Hotel Financial, the family soon settled onto the street of Rua Maraba, surrounded by doctors, lawyers and other professionals.

The mysteries surrounding Jones's work during this time is a matter of debate. It was during this period that Jones first visited British Guiana.

The family moved back to Indianapolis in December of 1963.

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people’s temple of the disciples of christ

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Built in 1912 for the First Church of Christ, Scientist denomination, this church was taken over by the Peoples Temple in 1972. Although their spiritual headquarters was in San Francisco at the time, the organization used this location for recruitment.

The building was abandoned when the Peoples Temple made their exodus to Guyana. Today, the building is the home to Iglesia Adventista Central church.

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